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It is sometimes said that ‘women can’t have it all’ when they become mothers, especially when they are pursuing an artistic career that can be seen as unpredictable, risky and insecure.Guess what? It’s not all black or white; they are simply mums doing their best to make their passion work around their family life and vice-versa.

As a family photographer, I wanted to share the portraits of women who ARE successfully combining motherhood with their artistic career. No one says it’s easy, it comes with its share of self-doubt and financial uncertainty, but it is possible. Those mums are often determined to show their children that tenacity and self-belief bring contentment and that a fulfilled woman is a happy mother.

In this new photographic project called ‘My Mum is an artist’ I combine a double portrait: the artist side showing women in their professional environment and also their mother side with their child/children at home. Joining the photographs to a personal interview will hopefully give inspiration to lots of mums out there still trying to figure how to make things work.

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