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Marion & You Photography specialises in family photography including children, newborn, baby and maternity photography in the London area. On this blog, you will find stories of families I've met, inspiration for family days out and my thoughts as a mum photographer. 

Exploring Dulwich Wood with children and friends

We « took a stroll through the deep dark wood ». We didn’t meet any Gruffalos… just our friends! We all live locally so a walk in the Dulwich Wood, between Sydenham and Dulwich, sounded like the ideal meeting place.
The kids loved climbing (or hanging!) on trees, chatting with the grown-ups and playing games. For us, the adults, it felt like such an easy and casual way to catch-up while getting some fresh air.

These little guys found a great spot to hide.

Although our friends live locally, we all have our busy lives so we don’t see each other as often as we’d like. The family photographer in me felt the need to grab my camera because I want to remember (and my son too) these simple strolls with our friends.

Why don’t they make unicorn wellies like these for adults?

I’m glad I managed to capture this jump in motion!

Being a toddler is not always easy and I like capturing these moody moments too because this is what a two-year old looks like, sometimes… Soon after, she was in mummy’s arms with a smile.

The older children had a blast pushing one of the dads off the tree trunk. That’s the great thing about woods: games happen naturally simply using what’s around you, being inspired by nature. No need to bring a ball or plastic toys. Children’s imagination just needs a real playground and then there’s no limit.

A family photo session doesn’t have to be at home or in a park. I’d love to join you and your family in your local woods with my camera and take photos of you chatting, playing and exploring your local forest with your children. Get in touch and we can plan a session that matches your family!


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