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Marion & You Photography specialises in family photography including children, newborn, baby and maternity photography in the London area. On this blog, you will find stories of families I've met, inspiration for family days out and my thoughts as a mum photographer. 

At home family photos in Crofton Park, London

This was a dream photo session. I feel so privileged that Sarah and her husband, James, welcomed me in their home on a quiet Sunday morning. It was a pretty special occasion for this family as the couple was about to celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary and was hoping to get some family photos that would reflect their journey as a couple and a family since then.
Sarah has warned me that last time she had photos taken with her son Oscar a few years ago, he was pretty shy and was hiding from the photographer. Luckily for me, he seemed pretty relaxed by my presence when I arrived while her little sister Astrid ran towards me in a fearless and joyful way inviting me to see her toys.


We started gently in the children’s bedroom with Oscar and Astrid playing trains while their mum and dad were watching and helping out every now and then. It was a nice way for the kids to get used to my presence so when we all moved to the garden, they were already buzzing with energy ready to play and show off their skills. Oscar kicked the ball with his dad while the little one was making dinner in her mud kitchen.


Astrid offered me some ‘home made’ spaghetti that I obviously swallowed straight away. It would have been rude not to!


With her dad, she became fascinated by some tiny wood lice discovered in her mud kitchen. A sweet moment of discovery and amazement.


We moved on to a calmer set up with some book reading at the table. It was such a tender moment with each parent focusing on one child at a time, one-to-one, in the midst of the family hustle.


I love the scene below where all the family is playing a ball game at different levels. It’s a pretty unconventional family portrait.


Marion did the shoot at home to capture us in our element and we’re so in love with how the pictures turned out!
— Sarah


Astrid is obsessed with her big brother’s space helmet as you can tell… She couldn’t stop wearing it, which makes for pretty funny photos as you can see! It might not be the photo that will end up framed but I hope it will be one that will make them laugh in a few years’ time.


The kids were instant fans and Astrid didn’t want her new friend Marion to leave at the end of the session.


During my family photoshoots, I do my best to spare a few minutes to focus on the parents, their relationship, their history. These two lovebirds are from Canada but met in England and later settled their new life here. And from two, they became four. And that’s what those photos will hopefully remind them of how far they’ve come since their first encounter.


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